What You Need to Know About Reporting a Stolen Car

Can you imagine how it might feel to park your car somewhere, only to seek out it missing later on? many of us experience this tragedy on a day to day . In fact, consistent with CNBC.com, “Roughly 800,000 to at least one million cars are stolen in America every single year.” These numbers are extraordinary, making car theft a standard occurrence all across the country. This also means the claim process are often quite complex and tedious.

If you’re prepared to report your car as stolen, there are a couple of important belongings you should realize automobile insurance coverage for stolen vehicles, also because the investigation process for car theft claims. Continue reading to find out what you would like to understand about filing an claim for a stolen car.

FIRST: Was Your Car Really Stolen?

Once you’ve got noticed that your car is missing, it’s knowing reconsider all the chances before making an claim and police report. you’ll check for parking signs to ascertain if it had been towed, ask friends and family if they borrowed your vehicle, or call your automobile loan company to ascertain if it had been repossessed. When there’s no other possible reason for your car to be missing, then it’s safe to maneuver forward with filing an claim and police report.

Insurance Coverage for Stolen Cars

In order to possess coverage within the case that your car is stolen, you want to have comprehensive coverage on your policy . this is often something that’s required altogether states. If your vehicle is stolen off of your personal estate , you can’t file it under your home owners’ insurance policy; you want to have an auto policy with comprehensive coverage to hide the loss.

Car Theft Claims Process

When you are sure your car has been stolen, you want to report it to the police immediately for documentation. At an equivalent time, you want to notify your auto insurance carrier. Most carriers operate employing a 30-day claim waiting period to ascertain if the car is ever recovered, which generally begins on the date of theft. Furthermore, comprehensive coverage doesn’t cover personal belongings that are stolen out of a vehicle. Items like phones, computers, clothing, jewelry, equipment, and more, might be covered during a renter’s or home policy , but not in an auto policy.

Car Theft Investigations

Car theft claims are taken very seriously at insurance companies. they’re investigated closely by adjusters to make sure that fraud isn’t at play. Filing a fraudulent car theft claim may be a felony punishable by prison time, fines, and more. they’re going to record all conversations with clients, and ask very detailed and intrusive questions. As long as you’re not committing a criminal offense , you should not take the investigation process personally. The insurance adjuster is simply doing their job.

Hire a Criminal defense attorney for Fraud Charges

Fraud crimes are charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, counting on the particulars of an individual’s case. If you were recently arrested on facing fraud charges in Indiana, you’re facing hefty fines, imprisonment, and other severe penalties. the simplest step you’ll take toward securing your rights and protecting your freedoms is looking a licensed fraud lawyer for tough and aggressive criminal defense; otherwise, you risk be sentenced to the utmost levels of punishment in Indiana.

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